Small Business Server Remote Access Service and Number of Ports

Small Business Server Remote Access Service and Number of Ports

Since the Remote Access Service is such an important and crucial part of virtually all Microsoft Small Business Server networks, one of the most important things to plan into your Remote Access Service in deciding on the number of ports (inbound and outbound) for Small Business Server network.

How Do You Decide on the Number of Ports Required

In order to get started planning your Remote Access Service implementation, begin by analyzing how many modems or “ports” are required to accommodate your clients’ Remote Access Service and Fax needs.

This becomes an especially tricky issue because small business owners, systems integrators, and computer resellers new to Small Business Server are accustomed to thinking of modems as devices installed into standalone PCs, that are advertised in the Sunday newspaper for “bargain basement” prices.

Systems integrators and computer resellers that specialize in Small Business Server, on the other hand, know that being judicious in product selection for Remote Access Service modems, and meticulous in planning, is the key to Remote Access Service and fax modem success.

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