Small Business Server Distributors

If you’re going to be a systems integrator or computer reseller that resells Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS), you’re certainly going to need an efficient, cost-effective way to purchase Small Business Server for resale…

which means you’ll need to establish a relationship with one of the authorized Small Business Server distributors, if you don’t already have an active account relationship with one of these authorized Small Business Server distributors.

When purchasing Small Business Server 4.5, small business end users and computer resellers really have two choices in how they procure the Small Business Server license, CD-ROM media, and documentation.

One way that Small Business Server 4.5 is sold is through the traditional three-tier distribution model.

In this scenario, Microsoft as the manufacturer decides that they only want to deal with a handful of direct accounts. So they establish relationships with Small Business Server distributors, who are authorized to sell Microsoft Small Business Server products to bonafide computer resellers.

This means that if a local florist shop someone finds out about and calls up one of these Microsoft Small Business Server distributors to buy Small Business Server 4.5, they will be turned away and referred to a local reseller as this florist shop is not a computer reseller.

This is one of the two main ways that Small Business Server 4.5 moves from Microsoft to small business end users. Microsoft sells to distributors who in turn sell to computer resellers and systems integrators, who then resell Small Business Server 4.5 licenses to the small business owner.

U.S. Small Business Server distributors

  • D & H Distributing

  • Gates/Arrow Distributing

  • Inacom

  • Ingram Micro Inc.

  • Merisel

  • Nascorp

  • Tech Data

  • Pinacor

Canadian Small Business Server distributors

  • Beamscope Canada

  • EMJ Data Systems Ltd

  • Ingram Micro Inc.

  • Merisel Canada Inc.

  • MultiMicro

  • Tech Data

An updated, current list of authorized Microsoft Small Business Server distributors can be found at Lists of International authorized Microsoft distributors can be found on each Microsoft subsidiary’s local web site.

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