RouteGenie solution for NEMT – the conscious choice of today

It is difficult to overestimate the need of patients with individual characteristics for special transport. When a person needs to visit a doctor and get an appointment, it is not possible to take advantage of public opportunities. In this regard, the specialists have developed the RouteGenie platform, which simplifies many processes and optimizes the transportation of passengers with special needs. This is perhaps one of the most efficient and modern solutions for NEMT – non-emergency medical transportation. 

What is the difference between NEMT and ambulance? 

NEMT is non-emergency medical transportation to facilities. So, the patient gets the opportunity to independently plan a trip, choose the date, time, transport, and route. All this became possible with the help of the automated RouteGenie application, which can be installed on a smartphone. Unlike ambulance, NEMT follows the principles of non-emergency and planned transportation of a patient with limited mobility.


RouteGenie is effective 

This platform has many advantages. The most important: the ability to plan routes in real-time, select a driver, monitor the condition of vehicles, take into account the traffic situation, and much more. Please note that transportation and livelihoods are greatly simplified for patients with special needs: there is no longer a need to ask for help from relatives. It is also possible to use the services of a medical professional who accompanies the patient at the stage of transportation to the doctor’s appointment and back.

RouteGenie software guarantees safe and smooth transportation. If the patient has an appointment at a certain period, he has the opportunity to: 

  • independently plan the trip;
  • choose the date/time/transport as well as needs. 

Additionally, vehicles can be equipped with some special and required equipment such as a wheelchair or stretcher. 

RouteGenie is a very powerful and modern platform for drivers who do this kind of transportation. NEMT automation software is a great solution for drivers and patients. You no longer need to fill out mountains of documents, as the intelligent program automatically analyzes the needs of passengers.

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