Finding Systems Engineers for Small Business Server

Are you having trouble finding good systems engineers for installing and servicing your prized Microsoft Small Business Server client installations?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Finding good systems engineers for Small Business Server is tough.

So let’s talk about what you can do to maximize your changes of finding the “right” systems engineers.

Locating Systems Engineers Appropriate for Small Business Server

Since the “perfect” candidate probably is either an unattainable ideal or at very best is not actively on the job market, it pays to develop a sound recruiting strategy if you’re serious about filling out the ranks of your staff with good systems engineers.

Given the rapid surge in popularity of the Internet over the past few years, recruiting employees with technical backgrounds like systems engineers has become a totally different “ball game.”

No longer are you limited to such traditional, career recruiting strategies as classified ads in the Sunday newspaper or contracting with IT recruiters.

Today, Internet-based employee-recruitment services are experiencing unbelievable growth.

The Competitive Market for the Best Systems Engineers

Recruiting systems engineers truly is a “ball game” on many levels. If your local labor market is typical of many areas in the U.S., a highly skilled systems engineer, with Small Business Server experience, is at least as desirable to you as a major league baseball player who was the MVP in the “All Stars” game and has a .500 batting average.

So if your pitches, or job offers, don’t make the grade, you run the risk of “striking out.”

However, with a carefully crafted staffing strategy for systems engineers and the proper execution, your firm will have much better odds of consistently hitting staffing home runs with systems engineers.

Recruiting staff such as systems engineers through various online jobs banks on the World Wide Web provides some enormous cost advantages compared to conventional means of advertising.

Some of the more popular web-based career-oriented sites, where you can advertise for systems engineers positions for rather modest listing fees include

  • The Monster Board (

  • Career Mosaic (

  • The Career Builder Network (

Also don’t forget to post job listings on your own company web site.

Many computer resellers and systems integrators have moved nearly exclusively to online recruiting for systems engineers. Web-based recruiting also helps to “weed out” some less desirable candidates for systems engineers.

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