External Modems : How to Select

When you’re planning Small Business Server networks, take great care when it comes to selecting external modems… as external modems are crucial to your clients’ success when it comes to both the Remote Access Server and Fax Server software.

Choosing the “right” external modems, meaning both external modems and multi-port serial adapters, is a crucial part of planning a successful Remote Access Server and Fax Server software implementation… because remember that both modems and multi-port serial adapters have associated device drivers and firmware.

The Benefits of External Modems

While your clients and small business end users in general may be attracted to price savings of internal modems, many times this ends up being the “fool’s bargain”… as small business clients end up spending unusually large amounts of billable hours for their system integrators or computer resellers to install difficult to configure modem devices.

In reality, although a Small Business Server-friendly modem, meaning one that’s been pre-tested to work with both Remote Access Server and Fax Server software, is almost always more expensive than generic brand, bargain-basement internal modems, your clients’ installation and ongoing support costs are minimized by predictable, easy to configure, standardized telecommunications hardware… primarily the external modems.

This leaves more money in your clients’ budgets for higher-impact, higher-margin services such as training and application upgrades, as well as other more strategic, ROI-impacted projects.

So what are the most compelling benefits of external modems?

  • External modems can be reset without rebooting the Small Business Server system, Remote Access Server and Fax Server software. Without external modems, you’ll end up having to force all end users to log off their systems.

  • LEDs on outside help novice end users at your clients’ sites aid in over-the-phone diagnosis with Small Business Server systems integrators and computer resellers.

  • Because of their modularity, external modems are much easier to troubleshoot and replace.

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