6 reasons to sign up for our UX Design Foundations Course

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UX design is a burgeoning field that's in high demand and requires creative but scientific thinkers. And our fully online UX Design Foundations course is the ideal start for anyone considering making it their career. The on-demand course covers all of the critical stages of the UX journey and is delivered by seasoned experts from companies including Google, Spotify and Uber.

UX Design Foundations includes lessons on all of the vital concepts in UX design today, from user research methods to usability testing, design concepting, and wireframing, to the latest technologies that are impacting on the future of user interface design.  

The UX design industry continues to expand, and the concept of what it means to be a UX designer is also expanding, generating career opportunities all over the world. It can be difficult to find a way in with limited time to study, but that's why we've designed our fully remote UX Design Foundations course to be convenient and flexible enough to allow you to learn the skills you need at a pace that suits you and no matter where you're located. Read on for six key reasons why you should sign up today.

6 reasons to sign up to our UX Foundations Course

01. Learn from expert contributors

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One of the most important features of any educational course is not just what you learn, but who you learn from. Having experienced and respected tutors who have real practical knowledge of what they're teaching can make all the difference in the reliability and tangibility of the material, and in motivating you to succeed. 

Alongside Parsons School of Design, Creative Bloq has assembled an all-star cast of UX design experts to contribute to our online course. We've got not only experts who have worked their whole careers in UX design but also designers who have entered UX from other fields such as graphic design and branding, giving them a view of how UX design fits into the wider system.

Our stellar contributors include people who have worked for some of the world’s most influential brands, including Abigail Posner, brand director at the Brand Unit at Google and Spotify product designers Daphne Lin and Hui Yuan. We also have Prakarn Nisarat, senior interaction designer at Google, Agnes Pyrchla from Planet, Jacquelyn Iyamah from Uber and Daniel Holtzman from Frog Design. The lineup offers a varied and robust collection of experiences and analysis to learn from. Meet our UX Design Foundations contributors to learn more about their backgrounds and what they each contribute to the course.

02. Grasp all the fundamentals

Our UX Design Foundations course offers five modules that cover all of the fundamentals in UX design, from planning, testing and feedback to new frontiers in UI technology. 

You'll learn the Foundations of UX, including the difference from UI and how to understand users and learn what they want and need, and you'll learn how to use qualitative and quantitive research methods and how to budget a project in Project Planning and Behaviours.

The third module focuses on creating empathic design that centres on the user, while module 4 tackles the visual design aspects as well as testing and feedback. Finally, the last module in the course will deal with new territories in UX, exploring up-and-coming trends such as multi-sensory interaction, automation and predictive AI, proving a solid grounding so that you'll be prepared for everything to come in future years.

03. Study when you want, where you want 

Finding the time to study a course in person can be difficult these days, especially if you're working, and even attending virtual classes can be a challenge if you have to attend at a set time. That's why we've designed the UX Design Foundations course to be fully remote, online and on-demand, allowing you to study when and where it suits you. 

Each of the online UX design course's five modules is roughly 3-5 hours in length, but each is broken up into shorter lessons so you can tackle it at your own pace. Students who work on the course full-time can expect to complete it in a matter of weeks, while those who are juggling the course with a job or other responsibilities are free to take up to a year to work their way through the modules as when they have the time.

04. Get a head start in a growing sector

The jobs sector has seen big changes in recent years, and the rapid development of technology is continuing to reshape the labour market and the kind of jobs that are in most demand. But one thing seems clear: UX design is a growing sector and is likely to continue to grow.

There is user experience in almost every product and service we use, but when it comes to the increasingly competitive markets of digital products and services and ecommerce, businesses have become more and more aware that solid UX design is vital in ensuring their survival and success. As a result UX designers will continue to be in demand across web design and app design, but also for the new possibilities that will be unlocked by new developments in the metaverse.

05. Add certification to your résumé

The main objective is education and to learn the skills you need, but you'll often want to be able to show that you've studied too, especially if you're applying for jobs. Every student who completes the online UX design course will receive a Certificate of Completion from Parsons School of Design. 

A Certificate of Completion from Parsons will help you to stand out in the increasingly competitive UX job market, showing prospective employers that you have a thorough grounding in the basics of UX. It may open doors to interviews more quickly by proving evidence that you understand how UX works in a modern business context have the tools and skills needed to rapidly take up a UX role.

06. It's an affordable way to learn

Education can be expensive, especially in growing areas that have high-demand, but our entire five-module programme, including related activities and a Parsons (The New School) Certificate of Completion, costs just $999. There are payment plans available, with instalments starting as low as $99/month (pricing in other currencies will depend on the current exchange rate), and payment can be made with most major cards.

How do I sign up to UX Design Foundations?  

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We’re sure the course will teach you the foundations you need to start building a career in UX, and we look forward to seeing you in the online classroom. The course is hosted by our educational partner Yellowbrick. Sign up at yellowbrick.co/ux and begin your UX journey today!

Win a place on the course! 

You could win a place on our UX Design Foundations course and help us to fine-tune this and future courses by completing a simple 2-minute survey. Those who complete the survey may be invited to take part in a virtual focus group, and those that do will qualify for free access to the course for a year.

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